Take your labeling to a new level - with individual and coloured shelf labels by Color Works.

  • Your stores are designed with great attention to detail and shopping in your home has become a real experience.
  • High-quality shopfitting meets sophisticated product presentation.
  • But what about the scanner rail?

    • Black and white standard labels or monochrome promotional labels can no longer keep up here.
    • Labels of yesterday and tomorrow

      Make more of your labels

      • Discover our solution for individual labels! Simply convincing design, easy handling and still convincingly inexpensive!
      • Attractive and product group-oriented design
      • no stocking of pre-printed promotional labels
      • Additional sales-promoting information
      • Advertising of actions directly on the shelf labels, e.g.
      • Cross-selling campaigns
      • multi-buy actions
      • special offers
      • Theme and season promotions
      • Learn more about the Epson Color Works series:

        Epson ColorWorks C3500 Series


        Download the complete report:

        Flyer shelf labelling [ language: German ]

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Sales and distribution

Our sales and distribution
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Service and Support

Our Service and Support
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E-Mail: service@garburg.de

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