Cleaning Set

To guarantee faultless and smooth operation of your label printing system you have strictly to observe certain precautions res. Cleaning instructions.

The printhead is the most important and most expensive wearing part and its life depends on the environmental conditions: dust, adhesive remainders of labels or other dirt particles which accumulate by transfer ribbon res. labels under the printhead, can damage the printhead or reduce its life.

Therefore the printhead must be cleaned in regular intervals about 1-2 times per week either with printhead and printroll solvent or in case of very strong contamination additionally with the cleaning foil. In such cases the pressure roll which can also be contaminated by label adhesives or other dirt must be cleaned with a cloth made of fleece in connection with the printhead and printroll solvent. It is notallowed to use objects such as cutter, shears or other hard parts! The label photocell has perfectly to detect the gaps between the labels and therefore the photocell must be cleaned in regular intervals about once per week with the cleaning card or the compressedgas spray. Please take the exact cleaning notes from the guidance in the cleaning set.

The cleaning set consisting of:

  • Print head and roller cleaner 250 ml
  • compressed gas to blow out the light barrier 200 ml
  • 22 Wipes
  • 5 Cleaning spatula
  • 2 Cleaning cards
  • 1 Print head cleaning film
  • Label remove spray 200 ml

packed in a handy case

further information please find in our data sheet

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