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RFID stands for "Radio Frequency Identification". This technical system offers the possibility to read and store data without actually handling the goods or having visible contact. RFID is increasingly being used in a variety of systems and applications and has become a widely known industry term. However, only few people really understand the technology and are fully acquainted with the questions, criticisms and other points connected with RFID. As this technology is definitely becoming an industrial standard, it is very important to be informed about its use and applications.

Pallet Labelling with RFID

Pallet Labelling according EAN128 and RFID on demand

An increasing number of companies and retail chains now require pallet labelling with EAN128 and or RFID. RFID labels cost several times the price of a paper label, but as the requirements of the retail chains have to be satisfied, we have developed this machine.

The labelling machine prints and dispenses the paper labels, according to the GSI Norm.The software allows a RFID label to be dispensed additionally on demand. This machine gives you a 100 % control over the printed barcode(SSCI).You can use inexpensive paper labels and then just dispense a RFID label, as required on demand.

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